Monday, November 16, 2015

Introducing Haley - Our Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Intern!

Words from Elizabeth:

Haley & I met a little over year ago, when she was the maid of honor in her oldest sister Casey's wedding. I noticed that Haley was really helpful and full of creative ideas that day.  At the time, she was still a senior in high school and told me she was hoping to go into an art program in college the following fall. Fast forward to this past spring.  Haley & her mother Rebecca came over to my farm for Haley's senior/graduation session.  We started talking about photography, art, and of course weddings. And we also talked about the possibility of her coming on board this fall.  

And here we are now! Last month, Haley finally was able to join me here at Elizabeth Larson Photography. She has been an absolute pleasure & ever so helpful around the office, studio, and on location.  Several of my colleagues and clients have already met Haley, as she has assisted with weddings and on location sessions. She is really great with kids too! So all of those thinking about scheduling a family session and are worried about how it will go - we have you covered as a team!

Welcoming Haley - so great to have her here! And here she is from a couple weeks ago on my farm - she's also a great model for testing lights, equipment, locations, etc. Thanks Haley!  Please keep scrolling down below photos for more words from Haley...

images © elizabeth larson photography 2015

Words from Haley:

Hello my name is Haley Aydelette! Currently, I'm a freshman at Guilford Technical Community College with plans to transfer to University of North Carolina Greensboro, East Carolina University, or Appalachian State University.  At the moment, I'm working on my Associates Degree in Art with a minor in Business.  The classes I'm taking range from Drawing to Psychology.  One of my favorite classes this semester is Astronomy. I hope to own an art studio for painting and/or possibly a business in portrait photography, once I graduate with my BFA.

Photography is one of my passions and I really hope to learn more about how different camera bodies, lenses, and all of the lighting functions and what goes into creating an image as well as learning editing systems on how to make each picture your own.  And most importantly, I want to learn how to successfully run a photography business - the ins and outs of it all from blogging to marketing.

As far as weddings go, I'm a huge romantic! I am one of those gals who has always loved the big "fairytale happy ending" & yes I tend to spend hours on Pinterest drooling over wedding dresses and all of the little details -  not to mention I love fashion & have my own unique style!

Although I lived in Oklahoma City when I really young, I've lived in the Greensboro area since.  However, travel has also been a big part of my growing up. I've been to Italy and while there, we visited Rome, Florence, & Venice.  I've also spent two summers on mission trips in the jungles of Mexico, including places such as Gibal close to the Guatemalan border and also to Guaquitepec, a small village in the Chiapas region.  This past summer we took a family trip with my grandparents to Cancun.

When I'm not in class or studying, I enjoy doodling in coffee shops, shopping, listening to music, and also playing my own ukulele.  I love turntables, vinyl records, & sweaters. One of the things I will forever hold close and dear to my heart is coffee! It gets me through the day and it doesn't matter what time it is. Coffee, will always be a beautiful & a warm hug in a mug. To best compliment this dark roasted piece of heaven, I love to grab the softest oversized  knitted sweater & of course pop a record on and listen to Twenty-One Pilots, Birdy, or The 1975, three of my favorite bands!

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