Saturday, August 22, 2009

italy: part 5


the last of my travel photos to italy, at long last! one of the last things i was able to do before i returned to the states, was to take a day trip into florence with my sister and nieces. we opted to take the bus to/from greve as we were told by our hostess rosita that driving and parking in the city can be difficult (and she was nice enough to give me a ride to the airport the day i departed). unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time to visit the museums which gives me an excuse to travel back someday. the weather was a bit rainy but we managed to still have fun. i didn't take nearly as many photos as i'd hoped for in florence, as i had to take precautions to protect the camera gear from the rain. but we did get to see the duomo and the famous bridge over the arno river, known as the ponte vecchio. we enjoyed real italian pizza at an outdoor cafe b. gallo and popped into a few shops along the way. i hope to travel back to italy someday but honestly have to say staying out in the countryside in tuscany was what i really look forward to returning to someday!

the exterior of the duomo is so massive, even my 11mm wide lens couldn't fit the entire building into the shot! i could really use a pc lens too (perspective control/tilt shift).

the interior of the duomo. there is a catwalk up in the top around the dome but we opted not to do this!!

the menu in several languages at b. gallo, an outdoor cafe where we grabbed a quick lunch in the square, while waiting out a rain shower. we'd never seen so many street vendors trying to sell umbrellas... they practically chased you down!

couldn't resist adding the usual "food" shot to the blog, as the cuisine was truly part of the experience. real italian pizza was delicious!

hotel california in florence, italy

typical street scene in florence

since i'm a virgo, this caught my attention

my niece, caroline, viewing the ponte vecchio for the first time

the ponte vecchio consists of many goldsmiths and silversmiths shops. i've never seen that much jewelry all at once!!

loved the muted colors and contrasting green shutters, another scene of the ponte vecchio

my sister took this pic on the ponte vecchio of me with my two nieces (kathryn on the left and caroline on the right) before the rain kicked back in.

a final scene to remember my trip to italy by....

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