Saturday, August 22, 2009

summertime news!

where did the summer go? has it been a full month since i've posted to the blog? and almost two months since i returned from italy? how could that be!!??

so this morning i finally had some time to sit down and sort/edit through the last of my travel photos to italy. i've just posted the last sequence (part 5) of these photos to the blog this morning. now its time to get caught up on the weddings, editorials, portraits, and so forth and hope to get some more material up on the blog and soon.

in the meantime, whenever i am not editing, traveling, or shooting an assignment i've enjoyed some quiet time at my farm in the countryside with my kitties, working in the garden, and just enjoying fun times with friends and family. in addition i have had some time to work on some personal photo projects. i truly believe the trip to italy has inspired me!

i've been fortunate enough to squeeze in several music festivals and concerts this summer and hope to continue to well into fall (photos to follow...eventually!).

and speaking of music, i've recently gotten back into doing some promo photography for musicians which has been a lot of fun. so all of you musicians out there, keep me in mind!!

last, but certainly not least a local winery has used one of my italy photographs on a label for a new wine... how exciting!! more on that coming soon.

one of the many reasons i chose to live in the countryside: sunflowers and queen anne's lace, an early evening walk through the field on my farm.

hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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