Monday, February 11, 2013

the importance of a family session

family is truly special. all the more reasons why getting together for a family portrait session is so important.  it not only brings you closer together for an afternoon of fun, but the photos themselves will be a reminder of who you are as a family, creating special memories in years to come. when someone you are close to is physically gone from your life, you will have the fond memories of time spent together. but with photos you'll have also have a visual reminder of those times spent together.  this very thing is coming very close to home for us right now.

please do yourself a favor, schedule a session with a professional photographer. do it now before its too late. make an afternoon or morning of it.  when commissioning us for your session, we make it a special occasion for all involved; its rather enjoyable come to think of it! we always have a really good time. some great ideas for a family session are--- pack a picnic, take the canoe out on the pond, go horseback riding if thats something you enjoy doing together, toss the ball in the back yard. or just hang out on your front porch in the warm afternoon sunlight.  we will come along and capture you having fun with your family!

today i'm sharing a few of yours truly pictured with my sweet dad and his wonderful wife, bernice, whom i adore!  these were taken last winter just about a year ago, a yearly session would be so nice & hope to make that happen. you should too!

 thanks to my wonderful partner, terry, for capturing the pics of me with pops and b! and thanks to pops for the ones of me and terry together!  we will all cherish these special family images forever 

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