Wednesday, July 04, 2012

new addition to our family!

introducing little miss daisy. miss crazy daisy, the cutest silliest goofiest calico kitten ever. my partner terry and i simply adore her!  she really loves terry especially, he is the cat-whisperer after all!  daisy has been growing like a weed, since bringing her home in april.  

adopted from a loving chapel hill home {a colleague actually},  she began her life in a house full of children, two adult humans, mamma cat, 3 siblings, another cat, and a dog...and moved in to a house with 3 more adult cats, who i might add are not amused!  even after that much exposure as a youngster, daisy seems to have a shy streak in her. she'll have to come out of her shell soon, when my sister and one of my doggie nephews arrive on friday for a week-long visit!  

and the funniest thing about her... she has a thing for flowers!  i can't put out any floral arrangements in the house {unless up high, such as the fireplace mantel} as she knocks over the vase, spills the water, and scatters flowers all over the house.  do you suppose its because i named her daisy, after a flower? her name really does suit her.

we love her to pieces. she's brought so much joy to us, not to mention non-stop entertainment!

all images © elizabeth larson photography

pictured below {image 1-10} at 10 weeks and at 16 weeks {image 11 -17}. 

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Anonymous said...

Cute :) Blog post. Daisy has the prettiest markings! Kitty cousin Merlin is growing fast too. He's 13 weeks old & weighs 5 pounds. You & Terry have a happy 4th & give your kitties hugs & kisses!
Take care,