Friday, January 13, 2012

valentine's day serenade!

looking for the perfect unique valentine's day gift? give her or him a romantic serenade!  serendipity is a husband-wife jazz duo {guitar and vocals} from the greensboro, NC area. alison and jeremy are great friends and a former wedding couple of mine.  they would love to offer their talented services to make your loved one's valentine's day over-the-top romantic!

these two will serenade your significant other with a sultry, romantic tune at your home, work, or any one of greensboro's fine dining restaurants. they will also present your beloved with a perfect red rose and either fine chocolates or beautiful custom-made jewelry! 

all of you guys out there who are thinking of asking their gal for her hand in marriage, this would be a fabulous time for a proposal. it must be the romantic in me! 

please visit serendipity's website at to get in touch with them or see their flyer below for more details and information. you won't be disappointed! alison serenaded jeremy at their own wedding and everyone loved it! so romantic. you can see their wedding here: alison+jeremy: 05.22.11

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