Friday, December 31, 2010

we're going green!

several years ago i moved out to the beautiful north carolina countryside which coincided with my efforts to become more green in my personal life.  i purchased a compost bin, planted an organic herb garden, and started a regular recycling regime.  all of these things i continue to practice and since have added some more things to help out environmentally including using CFL light bulbs. i've also discovered several local farmers {my neighbors!} in which to purchase anything from goat cheese, strawberries, organic eggs, to even wine in order to support the local economy, preserve the environment, not to mention eating a healthier diet.  later this spring, my significant other and i will be planning out {and planting} a huge vegetable garden. we will be using compost and "recycled" leaves for fertilizer. 

in an effort to incorporate this into my business practices,
 i'm now following these things on a regular basis:

• using rechargeable batteries in all of my camera gear
• disposing of them properly when they no longer can hold a charge
• working out of a home office, rather than commuting every day to an office or studio
• utilizing my gorgeous surroundings and natural light as my outdoor studio
• providing online galleries and digital media to clients rather than "paper" proofs or previews
• offering environmentally friendly, archival albums and products
• carpooling with my assistants and associate photographers whenever possible
• when meeting clients or running errands in the city, i plan to visit at least 2 places {usually more}
• incentives to weddings held locally {within 60 miles of where we are based}
• we try to avoid printing out documents unless absolutely necessary
• and when we do, we print on both sides of documents
• reusing cardboard, paper, etc.
• using GPS instead of printing out mapquest, google maps directions
• shipping via ground services vs. air or overnight
• composting and organic gardening
• buying locally from farmers, businesses, and retailers
• drinking water out of reusable containers
• using "green" cleaning products
• recycle, recycle, recycle!

scenes from the sunflower field 
summer 2010

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