Thursday, December 16, 2010

greensboro wedding: mary leigh+ross 09.25.10

when my old friend ross came out to my place in the country for dinner with his new girl friend, mary leigh, a couple of summers ago i knew she was the one for him! such a sweet gal with a wonderful sense of humor, not to mention a fabulous cook!   we had some good laughs sitting on my front porch watching a beautiful sunset while sipping on some wine and enjoying the wonderfully tasty dessert mary leigh brought over to share (strawberries paired with chocolate!). 

ross and i met about 12 years ago while we were both living in charlottesville, virginia. ross was in publishing at the time and he and my father, chiles larson, worked on a book together {virginia's past today}.  i moved down to the greensboro area in 2005 and ross wasn't far behind.  it was great to reconnect again once we were both down in north carolina. and getting to know mary leigh and their sweet english cocker spaniel, pinot, over the past couple of years has been such a pleasure.

when they contacted me earlier this spring with the news of their engagement, i wasn't surprised that ross proposed, mary leigh had said "yes", and soon they'd be tying the knot! they set a date of september 25th and asked me to not only document their wedding, but to join them as a guest at their wedding.  i was thrilled they asked and even more thrilled i had their date available!

the small intimate wedding ceremony was held in the chapel at westminster presbyterian in greensboro.  though the day of their wedding was held in early fall, summer held on one last time with temps hovering in the low 90's. we were grateful the afternoon ceremony was indoors!  and i was grateful to have my friend and fellow photographer, jess of jessica berkowitz photography along to assist me during the ceremony. thanks jess!

luckily that evening, the breeze kept the temperature in check during the outdoor reception which was held at the couple's home, a newly restored bungalow, in fisher park. the food, catered by iron hen, was to die for.  "fresh, local, good " is their slogan.  personally i think it should be changed to "fresh, local, fabulous"! mini pimento cheese sandwiches were served as appetizers and fried chicken, fresh tomatoes with pesto, green beans, and red bliss potato salad were some of the entrees offered for dinner... southern cuisine at its best!

the party went well into the evening and a good time was had by all.  pinot, the couple's dog, was the center of attention. wearing her pink "princess" collar adorned with pearls, she was simply adorable. she spent a lot of time under the tables hoping to get a handout from someone's plate.. smart pup!  ross and mary leigh requested a "family portrait" to be done on the front porch of their home with pinot, which turned out to be my favorite of the day. in order to get pinot to pay attention to the camera, i was requested to say "squirrel" and it worked!  no treats, toys, or tricks needed!

though i am not only overdo on posting my friends' wedding, i am overdo on sending them congratulations along with a belated wedding gift, which of course is photo-related :) hopefully after the hectic holiday season we can plan another dinner and catch up on these past few months. i still want to hear all about their honeymoon as they spent it in the wine country of napa valley, california.  
sadly i missed their christmas party last saturday, as i was covering another fabulous wedding. know i missed a good time as they can really throw a great party!  

officiant: the reverend butch sherrill
reception: private residence
catering: iron hen
wedding cake: delicious
bride's gown: bridal mart (the best kept secret!)

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louise and lilly (the pup-pup) said...

what a cute dog, love the family portrait. I'd want one of those pimento cheese sandwiches too!