Friday, July 10, 2009

italy: part 3


the village of greve in chianti was only minutes from where we were staying. we ventured in on several occasions to go to the market, do a little shopping, go out to eat, the saturday market, and even a cook's and beef festival. not to mention frequent trips to the gelato shop. what a great village and the people there were so friendly.

one of our favorite shops had all beautiful handmade things from baby clothes to tablecloths. loved the lady who ran this shop. she made many of the things here. some of you may just be getting a gift from here :-)

wine openers in a frame and art shop called galleria civetta. bought three prints of the tuscan countryside from this shop and the artist himself was there, and GAVE me a 4th print which he signed for me.

one of the signs at the butcher shop, "marcelleria falorni".

at saturday market, one of the vendors had multiple barrels of produce and goodies of all kinds

a delicious salad with a nice presentation.

the rooster, a symbol of the region. lisa, my friend and photo assistant, got one of these for her birthday! hoping she sees this blog posting.

caprese salad, a very favorite of mine. and with fresh basil and homegrown tomatoes growing in our garden, soon I will be able to make this salad here at home. Fresh soft mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil is all you add. the perfect summer time meal!

cool tee-shirts. now I wish I bought one.

greve's very own wild boar. and he lets you pet him!

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