Tuesday, July 07, 2009

italy: part 2


while in italy, we made sure we visited the city of siena which i thoroughly enjoyed. it was about an hour's drive in our trusty rental car (which was a sporty bmw station wagon!) from the village of greve through the rolling hills of the tuscan countryside. we were extremely lucky to: A) not get lost and B) drive right into the city and find a parking space within a short walking distance of the historic part of the city within the ancient stone walls. i will let most of these photos speak for themselves with a few comments here and there.

pigeon takes a drink from the dog's mouth at the fountain in the square

piazza del campo, the square great for people watching, strolling, and of course photo ops

I observed these two men for a while before taking their photograph. and without their knowledge, i might add which always makes for better people pics.

the ceiling inside the piccolomini library of the duomo. i was in awe and could've spent my entire day in there admiring the frescos. this is what i remember from my days as an art major while in college.

palazzo pubblico, the city's civic palace

the duomo

so many details to look at on the facade of the duomo including this lion gargoyle. we sat for a good 30 minutes just looking at the exterior of the duomo, which i was in awe of.

fresh produce always was available and a welcomed treat..yum peaches, apples!

one of the many boutiques along the way. little boy waits outside as his mother shops for a bikini.

flower shop window.

porcupine detail on facade of building. everything is a work of art in siena.

fabulous colors.

the gate to the ancient city.

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