Thursday, December 25, 2008

a merry and bright christmas

a few highlights from our wonderful christmas day full of peace, joy, and good cheer.

detail of our emptied stockings... my aunt kay handmade my stocking (on right) when i was a baby and i've cherished it for years. "baby" stocking is for the critters...

rose patiently awaits under the tree for her gift

keiko simply couldn't wait to open her gift, so she climbed into the bag...

oreo really enjoying his cat-nip treat... soon after it was a bit chaotic around here.... just one tree ornament broken this go around :-0!!

the table set for mid-day brunch. linens courtesy of my super-talented friend amy (last year's christmas gift...can't wait to show off photos of this-year's gift)

after a large brunch, we decided to take an afternoon walk through the vineyards at nearby grove winery, then on down to the haw river. our friend pam, who works at the winery, will be joining us for christmas dinner this evening...

anthony taking a walk in the vineyards in his brightly colored "christmas" shirt..

horses enjoying their christmas dinner...i'm amazed they looked up as we know how much horses LOVE to eat :-)

merry christmas to all and all a good night!

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