Tuesday, June 17, 2008

merlefest '08

we've been wanting to go to merlefest for years and years and finally we had our chance. i even turned down a few wedding queries for that weekend in order to go. anthony and i both volunteered all four days while there... from watson stage ushers to little pickers. we had a blast, met with some friends while there and made some new ones. a wonderful experience! not to mention all of the fabulous music we got to see... the waybacks, rhonda vincent, donna the buffalo, ralph stanley, carolina chocolate drops, polecat creek...the list goes on and on... looking forward to next year!

our friend pam lynch won this guitar last year at merlefest '07.

we shared a campsite with pam and some other friends and must say we had the best site. pink azaleas courtesy of my garden :-). it was fun to walk around the campground in the evenings passing by a variety of jam sessions going on well into the night.

donna the buffalo with jim lauderdale on far right w/ guitar. wish i'd been able to take more photos of the musicians. busy with the volunteering and keeping the camera gear dry. right after we saw donna the buffalo, the skies opened up. thank goodness for dry bags!

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