Saturday, March 22, 2008

oreo bean

my sweetpea oreo (aka 'the bean') must've missed me this week as i've been traveling. normally he is camera aware and often shys away, but this time he made himself right at home in my lap. i grabbed my 40D off the coffee table (luckily i had the wide angle lens on) and i snapped this pic of his sweet little face. i've had oreo for almost 12 years now and he is the greatest cat ever! he has tolerated a dog or two and multiple cats throughout the years (currently he has 2 brothers and 3 sisters---quite the managerie!), several moves including a big one from VA to NC 3 years ago, and my crazy travel schedule (oh there you go again getting that suitcase out!). what he doesn't know is that my sister page and her daughters kathryn and caroline are coming for spring break in another week and bringing those dogs again.... its going to be chaos around here soon.... a little chaos is always good for the soul :-)!! of course the kitties won't agree and certainly won't be thrilled! its our little secret for now....

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