Saturday, March 22, 2008

happy easter! happy spring!

well, its time to kick back after a very busy week. wedding season officially began last saturday, march 15th and i hope to post a few from andrea and toby's wedding soon. last sunday anthony and i spent the day in chapel hill. we met wedding clients karen and shawn for brunch at the 501 diner, which i disocovered in january (i knew i would be back!). karen and shawn are getting married this october in durham and it was fun to finally meet them. anthony and i also shopped at trader joe's (a new favorite and just a short drive from home!!), strolled the arboretum with cameras in tow, and later took in the carolina-clemson game at one of the pubs on franklin. yes, carolina won! while in the arboretum, i brought out the lens baby and had a blast taking funky flora photos with it. the photo above is one of several. monday we were off to sc for a 3 day contract assignment but we got to stay with friends/colleagues mark and celeste and they live near the beach! we grilled out and caught up after a long winter. we were back home thursday evening but only for a short spell. i took a day trip up to charlottesville yesterday to meet with more clients, have lunch with my friend fiona, and to visit the folks at pro camera. thanks bobby for fixin' my broken light stand! and fiona lunch was extra special, thank you! thank you! i enjoyed seeing you and the food+wine was scrumptious @ petit pois on the downtown mall! you know i've wanted to post a few pics from your visit down here in late february, but as you can see i never got around to it. oops... but we do look forward to our weekend visit with you up there in April :-)

happy easter and spring to all!

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