Friday, January 11, 2008

alexander springs

last week anthony and i had to make a trip down to florida as my mother's house sold and we needed to move everything out. though new years day was spent loading the truck we still managed to celebrate new years eve at my sister's up the street. we grilled out that evening, toasted 2008 in with a bottle of bubbly, and an 'outer limits' marathon on tv!

once the truck was all packed up by mid-day wednesday, we took a break from it all. anthony and i headed about 30 minutes north to a favorite place i'd discovered this past summer with my sisters... alexander springs in ocala national forest. during my last trip there in july, we snorkeled in the springs which are a constant 72 degrees with sparkling turquoise blue water. large mouth bass and blue gill swim right up to your mask to check you out. luckily no gators on both trips, especially when snorkeling. oh, they're there, we just didn't see them, though i admit they would've been a welcome treat for photo ops! next time we'll bring the canoe and/or kayaks. the paddling trip, according to my sisters, is well worth it.

believe it or not it was a super chilly day for florida. very windy and in the low 40's. Not a sole at the park other than the rangers (one was from the outer banks, nc originally!) and one other photographer. too cold for the floridians! only die-hard photographers...anthony is pictured here all bundled up on the timucuan trail. oops! he has a palm tree 'growing outta his head' but i still like this pic of him....

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