Wednesday, January 23, 2008

501 Diner

this january, i've been surprisingly busy! first we were off to florida. since returning, i've been madly putting albums together for wedding clients, meeting with new clients, preparing for another upcoming photography group show in february, and anxiously awaiting two of my editorial publications to come out on the newstands (more on that soon). the week after i returned from florida, i helped an old friend/colleague from richmond on a photo shoot in the chapel hill area. mark mitchell was on a week-long assignment and i worked as second assistant+make-up gal and jamie parker (yet another talented photographer from richmond) worked as first assistant. what a great crew! every morning we met at the 501 diner in chapel hill for breakfast. everything i tried on the menu was divine. i think i gained 5 pounds that week, now i'm slowing working it off on my bike and/or afternoon runs. a few pics from a new favorite place to eat in chapel hill (only 40 minutes from my house!). until then, must work off those omelets. thanks mark and jamie---enjoyed working with you both!
501 Diner in chapel hill. the best breakfast in the triangle... heck in north carolina!

anxiously awaiting my breakfast, mark grabbed my camera and snapped this picture of me. i should've photographed the food. but then again, it would make everyone hungry.

...the 501 Diner, a super kewl, kitschy, and fun place. they had some fabulous art on the walls.

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