Friday, November 09, 2007

Bruce Piephoff's House Concert

Bruce Piephoff was the honorary guest this past Saturday, November 3rd, at my home in Browns Summit, NC. We had a nice turnout of about 16 people and a good time was had by all. Many are curious as to what a house concert is? They are small, intimate, private performances often sponsored by an individual, community, or neighborhood to help promote a folk, bluegrass, and/or blues musician. A cover fee is usually charged in order to pay the artists and they are often held in a living room or a backyard. I wanted to host this concert, as I'm a big fan of Bruce's and feel more people need to hear and buy his music. I've both been fortunate to work with Bruce on several photo projects and my images have appeared on his CDs, website, and promotional items. I'd love to host more of these concerts in the future, so any musicians out there who are interested, send out a flare! Thanks to all who were able to make it and to Bruce for making our evening magical! Those who couldn't make it missed a fabulous time and some good eats :-)!

Bruce's guitar case. Love all the stickers from the many venues Bruce has performed at+ a few of his favorite musicians (Hank, Cash, etc.).

Bruce performing in my living room. I was sitting on the hearth looking up when I took this pic. Best seat in the house!

Roger, Annette, Jeff, + Annie. Perhaps they had the best seat in the house-- the cushy comfy sofa!

The playlist. 'I Remember Asheville' at the top of his playlist, is getting lots of airplay, especially on college radio and NPR stations. Bruce played most of these songs, we would've been happy if he'd played all night!

Nick and Anthony on the deck during break between sets. Nick was new to Bruce's music and really, really enjoyed it. I think I heard he bought 6 of Bruce's CDs! Now thats supporting your local artist!

Athony's point of view. I even like the 'starburst' in the window from his flash.

Neighbors Toby & Andrea. This could double as their "engagement portrait", as I'm shooting their wedding in March! Thanks Toby for the inscribed photo of your cuz, bluegrass musician, Tony Rice---a very much appreciated hostess' gift.

My friend and neighbor, Pam Lynch. Pam works PT for Grove Winery (which is conveniently located about 2 miles from my house) and she brought many of their tasty wines to the house concert to share. Thanks Pam!

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