Thursday, March 24, 2016

A girl and her dog - Grayson & Dixie!

This afternoon, I will be meeting up with Grayson again for her college graduation session on the campus of UNCG where she'll be graduating in May.  Its hard to believe she will be graduating from college, as I've known her for nine years now - since she was in middle school at St. Pius! Grayson has become such a lovely young lady & she's always a pleasure to be around. 

Its been a long time coming, posting these photos of Grayson from late last summer.  Somehow my crazy fall schedule got in the way & I never got around to posting them - until now! We got together on her parent's farm, Three Oaks Farm, out in Gibsonville, as she needed a head shot for her debutante listing. Towards the end of her session, we did some fun portraits of Grayson with her sweet dog, Dixie. Many of these are my favorites!

This afternoon, I secretly hope that Grayson includes Dixie in part of her session!  We will be doing some "cap & gown" shots as well as some informal fun shots around campus. Stay tuned for photos coming soon. This time, I won't wait so long to post them. And in the very least before her college graduation!  

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