Monday, January 11, 2016

Brandy + Steve - Wedding Album

Earlier this fall, Steve, one of my grooms contacted me as he wanted to surprise his wife Brandy with a wedding album for Christmas.  Steve and Brandy had a lovely wedding at the Inn at Celebrity Dairy in September 2013.  Some of you may recognize this wedding as its one currently featured on my website

It was so much fun planning & designing this with Steve, without Brandy's knowledge. I know this couple personally & keeping the secret from Brandy was difficult.  Steve decided on the linen cover in "Chai" with the "Alex Brush" font for the imprinting.  The quote Steve choose for the imprinting on the cover was just perfect - Love You to the Moon and Back - with their names personalizing it.  So very sweet!

After the album arrived at my studio, I met up with Steve for coffee just before Christmas. He said it would be the first gift under their tree. And the best part, on Christmas morning Brandy emailed me and said it was her favorite gift!

As you will notice it has been over two years since their wedding, however its never too late to order an album. Not all of my wedding collections include an album & for those that don't you may add one. Or as in Steve's case, you may order one a year or two after your wedding separately. Gorgeous hand-crafted leather or linen albums are available with a modern design. Coming in several sizes, colors, along with several other options, there's something to please everyone!

As for those of you out there reading this, whether you are my client or not - I strongly urge each and every one of you to print your images and/or order an album whether from a family session, your newborn baby, a wedding, or your vacation.  Please don't leave them on your hard drive, thumb drive, the cloud, a disc - or even your smart phones. Your children and grandchildren may never get to enjoy the family photographs in the future to come!  Last week, I read a great article on this very subject courtesy of  A must read for all!

On a personal note, my partner Terry lost his mother recently and we've been going through albums and boxes & boxes of his family's photographs.  Not only did we discover photos of his parents early on in their relationship before their wedding, it has been so much fun seeing baby & childhood photos of Terry.  It has warmed my heart in so many ways!

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