Friday, December 07, 2012

gibsonville portrait photographer: fun at copper horse farm!

it was great fun getting together with my friends & wonderful neighbors, pam and steve, a couple of weekends ago!  we met up at pam's place, copper horse farm, on a beautiful fall morning along with a menagerie of their critters. this time i showed up with a camera!

pam and i always joke that we see more of each other's animals than we do of each other.  we often trade out feeding and caring for, while the other is out of town.  interestingly enough we rarely ever have conflicting dates.  and because of that, the critters were all really well behaved for their photo session.  they all know me as the "meal ticket"!

alongside pam & steve {left to right in the large group shot} we have: kid, pam holding springer  & box, steve, munchie, ellis, and kota.  not pictured were pam's orange tabbies... tigger & DC.  they didn't want to have any part of it!

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Louise said...

these are fantastic, Z! Merry Christmas to you! Louise & the critters :-)