Wednesday, November 23, 2011

stained glass canoe: band promo

friends, chris and andrea templon, have a great band called stained glass canoe, and i was honored when they asked me to do their promo photos. chris plays guitar and andrea sings some amazing vocals. she can really sing the blues AND she also plays the tambourine.  roger kohrs, who was once in the band unknown hinson, is their bass player {and sometimes plays the harmonica}. bruce mallatratt, is their drummer extraordinaire. 

it was so enjoyable to drive out to chris and andrea's place in the country a few weeks ago on an unusually warm fall afternoon. i find working with musicians to be one of my favorites as a photographer. its really not "work" at all, so please don't tell anyone!  

stained glass canoe has an 8 song album out, so be sure to contact them to see how you can get a copy. we went out to see them play live last weekend and what fun it was!  roger came up to me when we first arrived and said "i really love the photos, they are really colorful!" and colorful they were, as in the band members! in a few of the shots roger wore a vintage lime green leisure suit jacket, while the others went all out with brightly colored tie-dye outfits.  what a fun photo gig, without a doubt!

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