Tuesday, September 29, 2009

brooke's bridal session

i've been wanting to post these images from brooke's bridal session for months and am excited to finally have that chance! we met in williamsburg, virginia back in april and my father was gracious enough to offer his garden for her session. brooke chose to wear her mother's wedding gown, which was quite lovely. these are just a few of my very favorites, as there were many to select from. brooke and craige were married at the university of virginia chapel in july, so please stay tuned for wedding photos coming soon!

the cherry tree blossoms were in full bloom

a nice detail of the lace in brooke's veil

for her session, brooke's mother created this beautiful bouquet of flowers for her.... impressive!

a full length as taken from a second floor window

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Anonymous said...

i love these!!! how beautiful! what talent you have! so pretty!