Friday, November 07, 2008

new critter

yes, i'm a sucker for critters. but please don't tell anyone although i think the word is out. at this time i'm not sure how many cats i have, but i think its now up to seven (lucky 7 farm). the way of life, living in a rural area.

a week or so before we departed on our island trip an adorable kitten arrived on my farm looking hungry and oh so cute. she (he?) was quite shy at first but i'm slowly winning her over. who could not love this ball of fluff? she now lets me pick her up but her eyes get huge when she realizes 'oh my, a human is picking me up!!' hopefully soon she will trust me enough to get her to my vet to get checked out, shots, spayed/neutered, etc.

huge green eyes won me over no doubt

i'm taking a poll on names for this cutie, so leave your comments and an idea(s) for a name. i'm thinking a st. john/usvi name. i like jumbie (for jumbie bay) but i'm opened to suggesions...

sadly one of my favorite "barn" kitties, choxie disappeared while we were away and he still hasn't returned. he's a black fluffy one year-old kitty. my friend and neighbor said he was around while she was feeding my animals for me but he has not been home since we returned last tuesday night. he's a sweet-pea, but a little shy and he was wearing a blue collar, is up-to-date on shots, & is neutered so if anyone out there in north east guilford/browns summit, nc area has seen him please send out a flare. you can contact me via my website/contact page by clicking here. he is missed :-(

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