Sunday, October 12, 2008

road trip: asheville

from the looks of it, i'm a bit behind on my blogging! here i am still stuck in july and its now october :-0. despite everything, i managed to take an overnight road trip with my friend fiona (in july!) to asheville. fiona is from charlottesville and she'd never been to asheville. and we had a wonderful time! we dined at some incredible eateries, gallery-hopped, people-watched, & shopped for clothes. fiona has since invited us to come see her in st. john, us virgin islands where she currently resides. soon we will be on our way to a tropical isle! we can't wait & a REAL vacation!! stay tuned for photos....

look familiar? paper star lanterns... my east coast version. my west coast version appears on my opening page of my website, which was photographed at city market in portland, oregon.

okay... so the best breakfast/brunch on the planet has to be the sunny point cafe in west asheville. and the service was impeccable. not to mention they allow pets on the patio... not only were there two dogs there with their people a man was there enjoying his meal with his parrot!

i know, i know. i was supposed to photograph the food before i took a big bite out of my breakfast burrito... i simply couldn't wait!

this sweet pup had the right idea, as she awaits some very yummy tidbits to come her way :-). her "mom'" let her have a taste of my burrito and finoa's hot cakes... "sunny point cafe" should change their name to "lucky dog cafe"...

the weather was clear and cool. the sky was an intense blue. the patio at the laughing seed cafe. dining al fresco is the way to go!

almost too pretty to eat... a work of art!

fiona enjoying sushi at the laughing seed cafe. and indeed it was really tasty...she shared :-)!!

we didn't stop in @ z lounge, but i had to take a photo of their sign. many of my friends call me "z" and now i'm iso any venue, shop, sign, etc. with a Z for/in a name... next stop is "z's antiques" in south boston, virginia...