Thursday, April 03, 2008

fun times!

spring break 2008 for my sister and nieces has been so much fun. page, kathryn, caroline, and the pooches came up from florida on saturday and stayed for a few days. the weather has been mostly rained and rained. did i say it rained? i made a big pot of white chili, fired up the gas logs, and we did some catching up. when we finally had a bit of cabin fever we made our way into the city to do some antiquing, art gallery hopping (we each bought a frank russell sculpture) and some shopping (they needed warmer clothes!). by day four when it dried out, warmed up, and the sun at long last made an appearance we hit southern states and A&A nursery in browns summit and shopped for garden tools and plants. page is helping me design a herb garden and each of us put some elbow grease into the new project. i also bought some hot pink geraniums. its going to look incredible and i can't wait to use fresh herbs in my cooking! hope to post some photos of the final project soon. if only the sun would come back out... its raining again! page, k, c, and pooches departed yesterday for virginia. they will be up there a few days visiting dad and bernice, our stepmother. wish i could join them but photo assignments are callin'...thanks for coming and for the kewl florida gator :-) a nifty little guy!

the boys, mica and stoli having the time of their lives. a similar photo was taken during their last visit (see november archive)

taking a break on my back deck... mica and stoli being good boys :-)

anthony, kathryn, and caroline shooting hoops. way to go kathryn! she got it in!

a favorite flowering pink tree in my yard. can anyone ID? comments are welcome :-)

mica giving anthony a big kiss.... i love you uncle tony! the expression on both of their faces is priceless!

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