Sunday, July 15, 2007

sarah + jeff's wedding - charlottesville

Jeff's parents surprised them with this incredible getaway car, which had a great story to it. I want to say its a 1967 Cadillac but I could be wrong on the vintage. Anyhow, the car had been in Jeff's family for years and they had it secretly restored back to its original glory. They drove it all the way up to Virginia from the Altlanta area without them ever knowing about it. I captured this shot just outside the church where Sarah and Jeff got married on June 9th. Sarah and I had not met until her wedding day, as they live in New York City, I now live in North Carolina, and the wedding was in Virginia. Sarah and Jeff had ties to The University (of Va) so they choose Grace Episcopal Church and The Clifton Inn, both located in the Charlottesville area, for their wedding day festivities. Its always a pleasure to make it back to my hometown!

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