Sunday, August 06, 2006

Summer News

Greetings from Greensboro, NC! Hope everyone is having a great summer. Anthony & I are planning a two week trip to the Pacific NW this month. We fly in to Seattle, WA and then we'll drive down the coast to visit friends in Portland, OR for a few days. We also plan to do a little camping, hiking, and flyfishing along the way. I'm guessing there will be plenty of photo-ops! Its our only chance to get away, as we've had a crazy-busy spring traveling throughout Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, & Virginia on numerous assignments. Wedding season has been particularly busy throughout the past few months and our fall is looking that way too! We've had the chance to meet so many great people and visit many fantastic places this year. As soon as we return from our trip, we'll have three weddings "back-to-back". One is a "local" wedding in Clemmons, NC and then we head back up to my old "stomping grounds", Charlottesville, VA to shoot two more weddings and squeeze in a visit with our friends Fiona & Steve and their assortment of critters! September weekends are filled up with weddings & more travel, so it'll be a busy month for us. I'm also celebrating a major b-day in September, but we won't mention which one--- we don't need to rub that in! Last, but not least--- on the agenda for September & October---the two of us have been asked by Grove Winery in nearby Gibsonville, NC to show some of our photography in their tasting room. We are hoping to have a "meet the artists" opening and wine tasting at the winery Labor Day weekend, but we will send more details soon. The show will be up throughout September & October. Please check out their website when you get the chance: Not only do they support the arts (both visual & musical), they have great wines. I hope some of you (or all!) of you can make it (and I mean the VA folks too!). Its worth the drive! I'll be showing some of my black & white infrared landscapes & Anthony is planning to show some of his color landscapes. We'll keep you posted!

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